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Hi! My name is Heather and I am the designer behind Jellybean Stationery & Design. I am a first time mama to our sweet little boy Aiden Antonio. He is our entire world and it is because of him I get to do what I LOVE. The other handsome guy in my life is my husband and Aiden's daddy, Nicholas Daniel. Nick and I have been married for almost 8 years and we are so in love with our little family. 

We get asked a lot now that Aiden is growling up if we are going to have anymore kids and my answer has always been and will always be NO! Both Nick and I are very happy just the 3 of us. Our family is complete. 

All I ever wanted to be was a "fun auntie" because my sister and I had the very best! When my sister got pregnant with my nephew I was absolutely over joyed because not only was I going to be an auntie, but Nick also proposed that year. We actually announced that he was a boy at our wedding. My sister's bouquet had a baby blue and white ribbon attached.  To top it all off, we found out Nick's brother and his wife were pregnant with a baby girl. So here I was a soon to be auntie with a nephew AND a niece on the way. It was the best of both worlds! 

After the babies were born, I was absolutely overjoyed and started to get baby fever. Nick and I discussed it and we decided we want to start our family. Unfortunately it didn't come as easy for us. We struggled with fertility and with the help of some amazing doctors we welcomed our baby boy in to this world on July 29th 2019.


How it all started


I started Jellybean Stationery & Design because I LOVE stationery! I am the owner of HSRGraphics, a Wedding Stationery business. I have been creating wedding stationery and coordinating weddings for several years and I absolutely fell in love with the wedding industry. I am so proud to be a small business owner and as I continue to build my business I am still working (part time). My hope is to quit my 9-5 in the fall of 2024 when Aiden heads off to Kindergarten and take HSRGraphics and Jellybean FULL TIME. It is a huge leap of faith but I honestly believe with my passion, dedication and my love for what I do, I can make this happen. 

I look forward to all the new things that I get to share with the world and all of you. Be sure to join the community so you never miss out on all the amazing new things!

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